Mayflower Autonomous Researcher Ship (MARS)

The Mayflower

ProMare is a key partner in the development of the world’s first full-sized, fully autonomous unmanned research ship. The vessel will take the same 3220 mile route the original Mayflower used 400 years ago. It will only use wind and solar technology for the journey, and will also gather data about the condition of the ocean. 


In order to explore the deepest parts of the world’s oceans, ProMare has funded the development of a low-cost, full-ocean-depth robotic vehicle system. The prototype was used to explore the deepest parts of the Atlantic Ocean, the Puerto Rico Trench, more than 8000 meters deep.



ProMare supports and sponsors a wide range of research projects. Our main effort in 2016 is the archaeological excavation of the Hisarönü Shipwreck in southwestern Turkey. Dating to the first half of the second millenium B.C., the site represents one of the earliest manifestations of the seafaring activities in the Mediterranean. The excavation began in 2015 under the directorship of Assoc. Prof. Harun Özdaş from Dokuz Eylül University.

Elizabeth Lyding Will

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