Mayflower Autoship Design Rendering

The Mayflower Autonomous Ship

ProMare is building the first full size autonomous unmanned research ship, Mayflower. The vessel will take the same 3220 mile route the original Mayflower used 400 years ago. It will use a state-of-the-art hybrid wind, solar and diesel propulsion systems for the journey, and will also gather data about the condition of the ocean.

Exploration Projects

ProMare is conducting deep sea research projects all over the world. We focus on ultra deep exploration. We recently dived Hornindalsvatnet (Lake Hornindal) in Norway, Europe’s deepest lake, and Europe’s deepest point. To mark the occasion we placed a Norwegian flag on the lake bottom. The main discovery was a small white fish.

Archaeology Projects

Since its foundation in 2001, ProMare has conducted, created, funded, and assisted groundbreaking Maritime Archaeology Projects all around the world. For a tour of our past and ongoing projects, photo galleries, and all our published work to date, please visit our Project Archive.



For the latest updates to our ongoing projects, press releases, live feeds (when available), recent publications, and all other current activity please visit our news page.

Elizabeth Lyding Will

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