Mayflower Autonomous Ship

This autonomous unmanned research ship built by ProMare and IBM will replicate the original Mayflower’ journey, using hybrid wind, solar, and diesel propulsion systems and gathering data about the condition of the ocean.

Exploration Projects

Promare built the first deep-diving drone to visit, film, and take samples from the Puerto Rico Trench, the deepest point in the Atlantic Ocean.

Archaeology Projects

Since its foundation in 2001, ProMare has conducted, created, funded, and assisted groundbreaking Maritime Archaeology Projects all around the world. Visit our Project Archive.

Drain the Oceans

Several of Promare’s recent shipwreck projects have been showcased on National Geographic Channel’s Drain the Oceans Series. Learn more. 

News & Announcements


Crewless ship powered by AI to recreate Mayflower’s 400-year-old journey

“The year 2020 marks four centuries since the Mayflower carried some of the first European settlers across the Atlantic ocean to North America. To commemorate the anniversary, another vessel is recreating that voyage, but as Roxana Saberi reports…”

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Ten Innovators to Watch in 2021

“These visionaries are imagining an exciting future with chicken-less eggs, self-piloting ships and more”

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Viking Shipwreck Survey

Norwegian Maritime Museum and Promare carried out a complete pre-disturbance survey of Norway’s oldest shipwreck, dated to ca. 1000, and the only Viking age ship discovered underwater in Norway.

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CES Innovation Awards
Best of Innovation
Vehicle Intelligence & Transportation

IBM, in partnership with marine research non-profit ProMare, built and launched the AI Captain, the key enabling technology for the Mayflower Autonomous Ship (MAS), a pioneering project of global collaborative innovation.

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The Mayflower Autonomous Ship is a pioneering and cost-effective vessel that gathers data to help safeguard the health of the ocean by advancing our understanding of ocean pollution, global warming, and over-exploitation. As a registered non-profit 501(c)(3) Public Charity, we need your support to continue our work.

All donations will be directed to the Mayflower Autonomous Ship Project. If you are interested in supporting any other ProMare projects, please contact us: info@promare.org

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