The SCAPE Trust was established in 2001 as a charitable organization to research Scottish Coastal Archaeology and the Problem of Erosion (SCAPE).  They are run by a board of directors run by a small staff whose goals are to “research, conserve and promote the archaeology of Scotland’s coast” (SCAPE Trust).

One of their most interesting projects is the Coast Zone Assessment Surveys of the coasts around Scotland.  The first assessment survey was conducted in 1996 and since then they have covered approximately 1/3 of Scotland’s shores and discovered many new sites.  The surveys are often conducted through walking surveys by archaeologists and geomorphologists.  Since 2001 they have been managed by SCAPE on behalf of Historic Scotland.  These types of surveys are very useful to consult when searching for evidence cultural heritage (SCAPE Surveys).

Click here to download the Coastal Zone Assessment Surveys for an area of your interest.



The Scottish Archaeological Research Framework (ScARF) is a project implemented by the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland.  The Society is Scotland’s oldest antiquarian society; it has been dedicated to “the study of the antiquities and history of Scotland, more especially by means of archaeological research” since its founding in 1780 by David Steuart Erskine, the 11th Eearl of Buchanan.  It is a charitable organization that is run by a full and part-time staff and governed by a voluntary council (ScARF).

ScARF is an ongoing project dedicated to analyzing past and current archaeological research strategies in Scotland in an effort to create a framework that highlights current research endeavors within Scottish archaeology and areas of research that should be addressed in the future.  By providing this framework, their goal is to “enable anyone wishing to contribute to the research environment of Scotland to effectively plan their work in relation to the framework; ensuring that the future research is relevant, represents greater value, and effectively contributes to our understanding of the past.”  The project is a partnership between the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, Historic Scotland, and anyone conducting archaeological research in Scotland.  The project is made up of specialized research panels, including ones dedicated to the Iron Age, Medieval, Marine and Maritime, and Science and Archaeology panels (among others) (ScARF).