Explore some of Promare’s projects on National Geographic Channel – Drain the Oceans

– Drain the Oceans – Nazi Secrets

– Drain the Oceans – Hitlers’s Killer Warships

– Drain the Oceans – Viking Seas

– Drain the Oceans – The Battle of Britain

– Drain the Oceans – Bermuda Triangle

Nazi Secrets: One of the most daring clandestine operations of World War II was the 1944 sinking of the Norwegian ferry Hydro in Lake Tinn, Norway. Season 1, Episode 1.

Hitler’s Killer Warships: The story of Hitler’s vision to conquer the world using his high-tech battleships. Drain the Oceans reveals the rise and fall of the Third Reich’s deadly fleet. Promare explores the two German battleships Blücher and Tirpitz in Norway. Season 2, Episode 12.

The Viking Seas: A formidable battleship reveals secrets. Promare and the Norwegian Maritime Museum explores Norway’s only submerged Viking ship. Season 3, Episode 2.

Battle of Britain: Promare surveys shipwrecks from the battle of Narvik Harbour in Norway’. Season 3, Episode 4.

Bermuda Triangle: This special shows Promare’s record-breaking dive to the bottom of the Puerto Rico Trench in 2012, more than 8000 meters deep.